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EML Manufacturing has the capability to design and built various package process equipment and systems in Houston, Texas, USA. We have capabilities in Process Design, Mechanical Design, Electrical and Instrumentation Design.


Water Bath Heater and Line Heater

Hot Oil System

Pump Skid

Liquid and Diesel Fuel Treatment

Metering Skid

Pilot Plant

Custom Packaging






Water Bath Heater and Line Heater


Water bath heaters are specified when we desire indirect process heating. The medium we are heating is contain within a pipe where it is heated in a bath of water/glycol mixture. A burner/firetube or electric heater is then utilized to heat up the water/glycol mixture.


Water bath heater offers an advantage where we desire a lower and uniform heat  flux. The heat flux is relative uniform since the tubes are surrounded by a bath of liquid. In addition, in the event of a tube leak or rupture, the process is not in direct contact with the flame. In a direct fired heater, a tube leak or rupture may cause a serious Safety concern especially if the media being heated is very combustible such as natural gas.


On the other hand, water bath heater requires make up water and longer start-up time. It is slow in responding to temperature changes unless temperature control valve are utilized externally to regulate/mix the process being heated.


Water bath heater can be either gas fired or fitted with an electric heater. We offer both options.



Hot Oil System


Hot oil system or heat transfer system have been utilized to transfer heat for various process heating. Among the various use of hot oil system or heat transfer systems includes

 - Heating of die pelletizer in the polyethylene and plastic industry.

- Waste heat recovery system in gas turbine or boilers.

We can supply our standard heat transfer hot oil system or design them to your specification. Our hot oil system can include items such as

    - Electric circulation heater with standoff housing for high temperature application.

    - 2 x 100% high temperature centrifugal pump. Optional sealess pump.

    - Thermal expansion tank with nitrogen blanketing system.

    - Bypass and de-aeration loop.

    - High temperature isolation valves.

    - Instrumentation.

    - Side stream filter.

    - ANSI 300# rating for high temperature application.

    - Control Panel.


We perform thermal pipe stress analysis on all high temperature system. A properly design system with thermal stress consideration will reduce leaks at flanges due to excessive stress and longevity of pump.`



Pump Skid

EML Manufacturing offers a comprehensive line of pumping skid. The include skids such as

- Water forwarding pump with automatic recycle.

- Diesel fuel forwarding pump.

- Fuel forwarding pump system for gas turbine.


Liquid and Diesel Fuel Treatment Skid

EML Manufacturing offers a comprehensive line of liquid and diesel fuel treatment skid. Typical application includes diesel fuel forwarding and treatment and gas turbine liquid fuel treatment and forwarding. They may include features such as

- Forwarding pump.

- Electric fuel heating.

- High efficiency filtration and water removal.

- Pressure, flow control and metering.


Metering Skid

Design and fabrication of metering skid for liquid and gas application.

Gas metering skid are used in conjunction with fuel gas conditioning skid. For instance, the fuel gas may be treated by the fuel gas conditioning skid and then send to the metering skid before it is routed to the end user.


Pilot Plant

Design and fabrication of skid mounted pilot plants.


Custom Packaging

We can built or package your process skid. We can fabricate to customer supplied design and drawing. Alternatively, we have in house capability to provide complete engineering and drawing package including 3D cad drawing and isometric piping drawing. We are fully capable of fabricating skid mounted equipment or skid packaging your equipment.

Feel free to contact us for your fabrication needs.