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Most premature heater failure is attributed to the following

  • Use of Mica insulator on heater. Mica washer will relax over time and cause a loose electrical connection. We do not use any Mica insulator in our heater.
  • Improperly size buss bar. Buss bar not plated.
  • Heater element is brazed to flanged. Our heater element to flange welding is done utilizing GTAW process. This provides a superior welded joint compared to a brazed heater. Heaters are tested to same pressure as the pressure vessel when supplied as an assembly.
  • Failure of hi-limit sensor. Use of J type thermocouple. All our sensors are RTD or type K thermocouple. See RTD or Thermocouple in technical section.


The above heater is from a major heater manufacturer. The heater fail just over a year in service. A combination of mica washer, loose terminals, improperly sized buss and moisture lead to this heater failure.

We can repair, rebuilt and restore your damage electric heater. In many cases, we can rebuilt the heater better than it was first built by the OEM.

Contact us today for your heater repair needs.