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In instances where electricity is not available, we offer shell and tube exchanger as heater or cooler. Processes that we heat up includes natural gas, oil, hydrocarbon condensate. Common heating or cooling media may include water, steam and the process itself in a cross flow exchanger. 


We offer exchanger design to TEMA and code stamp to ASME VIII Div1.


Most of our exchanger tubes are expanded to the tube sheet with a  set of double groove configuration. For added protection against leak, the tube to tube sheet joint can be seal welded. Fig 1 below show the seal welding of tube to the tube sheet. In the event of leakage thru the rolling, the seal weld will act as a secondary measure to prevent tube to tube sheet leaks.






In using shell and tube exchanger to heat up process such as natural gas or other hazardous fluid. One must consider the hazardous condition when there is a leak or tube failure in the exchanger.  Let say that the hot water from a  boiler is utilized to heat up high pressure natural gas, in the event of a leak the higher pressure natural gas will migrate to the boiler and may cause a hazardous condition.