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Filter Coalescer & Filter Separator


Scrubber and Knock Out Drum


2 Phase, 3 Phase Separator and Slug Catcher


Water Filter




Filter Coalescer & Filter Separator


Filter coalescer with up to 99.99% efficiency of 0.1 micron are available. These filter coalescers are available with single stage or two stage design. Filter coalescer are typically specified when high purity of solid and liquid removal is required at various flow turndown.


Filter separator are more suitable for general gas filtration in the oil field. They are available both  in horizontal and vertical vessel configuration.


Refer to Fuel Gas Conditioning section for various use of these filters.



Scrubber and Knock Out Drum


Scrubber and Knock Out Drum are used in various application in the Oil & Gas and petrochemical industry. Common use of these includes


  • Centrifugal Gas Compressor Suction Scrubber /  Filter

  • Natural Gas Scrubber

  • Flare Knock Out Drum



2 Phase, 3 Phase Separator and Slug Catcher


We can design and built inlet slug catcher, 2 phase separator and 3 phase separator to your specification and needs.


Slug catcher are commonly specified to capture any slugs of liquid that may accumulate in the pipeline. They are they to prevent the liquid from overwhelming downstream equipment.


Two and three phase separators are commonly found in oil and gas production field. In the two phase separator,  we are separating the liquid from the gas. Where else in the three phase separator we are separating water, liquid hydrocarbon and natural gas.





Water Filter

We can offer water filter for oil field produced water.



Feel free to contact us for your fabrication needs.