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Electric Heaters are widely used in various applications that require heating.  They can be found in our daily appliances such as toasters and coffee makers to aerospace applications such as the  space shuttle. 


Electric heating offers various advantages over other means of heating especially when your application requires fast response, clean (no emission), minimal maintenance and wide turndown.   



Our electric heaters are predominantly used in industrial heating application.  They are commonly found in various processes such as

         Vaporizing liquid to gas

         Liquefying solid to liquid

         Increasing temperature of liquid as heat transfer of to lower its viscosity

         Adding superheating to gas

We are able to engineer your electric heaters ranging from under a kilowatt (KW) to a few thousand kilowatts (KWs). Since most electric heaters require a custom heater control panel, we can provide that as well.  


EML Manufacturing offers these heaters.  Please visit its respective pages for more details.

         Electric Process Heater

         Electric Immersion Heater

         Electric Circulation Heater

         Specialty Heater

         Heater Repair


If you would like to learn more on how electric heaters work or have issues with your electric heater, please visit our technical page for more details.  Our heater, please visit our technical section as it may be helpful in resolving your question of problem.