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Have you ever receive frantic calls from site looking for electric heating part and have no idea where to begin the search to locate these replacement part for your electric heating system ?

From our location in Houston, Texas we are able to supply             

    - Replacement electric heating bundle / electric heater bundle.

    - Refurbish or repair your electric heater.

    - Heater Control Panel components.

    - Temperature sensors for electric heater.

    - Replacement coalescing filters elements for gas filtration. 

We understand the intensity of broken down equipment and the cost of production lost.  Our team has the experience and knowledge to provide you with identical replacement and if the original parts are obsolete we will work on finding you a direct replacement if not an after-market replacement. 

If you are looking for a replacement electric heater and do not have sufficient data, EML Manufacturing's team is also capable of reverse engineer your electric heater from our years of experience.   

If you are tired of constantly replacing your electric heater or control panel components, contact us for a lasting solution.

Contact us today for your spare replacement electric heater parts and component.